Lip Balm University of Iowa Hawkeyes Feisty 3 Pack

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Lip Balm University of Iowa Hawkeyes Feisty 3 Pack

Here you go University of Iowa Hawkeye Fan's! You're going to go wild over these 3 moisturizing and multi flavored lip balms! Each tube offers 3 flavors... they are just waiting for you to try them all! The colors in the tubes are beautiful BUT they are only to show you what flavor you are on, or going to next!

For example: The first tube on the left in the picture of our 3 Feisty Hawks... The first flavor you will enjoy is the Cherry for the whole black section, once the black is all gone you will go to the yellow which is Mango and then onto white and enjoy Vanilla!  

All of our lip balms no matter what color in the tube... apply clear to the lips!

Below you will find a complete list of each lip balm and the wonderful flavors you will enjoy. When you get our 3 Feisty Hawks you will enjoy 1 of each of the Iowa Hawkeye lip balm combinations with multiple lip balm flavors for yourself or plenty to share with all of your friends to enjoy! 

By ordering Our 3 Feisty Hawks YOU SAVE $1.00!!

( 1 ) of IOWA ~                    Black: Cherry, Yellow: Mango, and White: Vanilla

( 1 ) of HAWKEYES~         White: Coconut, Black: Raspberry, and Yellow: Lemon

( 1 ) of GO HAWKS!  ~      Yellow: Pina Colada, White: Pear, and Black: Passion Fruit

*** These are shown in the picture from left to right


Gettin Lippy flavored lip balms:

  • The first ever multi-flavored lip balm... never get tired of just one flavor!
  • Unlike other lip balms, Gettin Lippy lip balms are made to deliver the best moisturizing lip balm
  • Moisturizing, and make your lips feel like silk!
  • Long lasting, but you might want to reapply for the wonderful aroma to enjoy!
  • No sticky feeling on your lips!
  • Best lip balm!
  • Applies Clear to Lips!
  • Great gift idea for holidays, special occasions, or to share with friends!