How Gettin Lippy got started!

How Gettin Lippy got started!

Hey Gettin Lippy Fans! 

We are so glad you are here! This is our story... I am an Iowa girl with two amazing boys! My lip balm journey began in 2012 when my son and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease and could no longer use just any lip balm due to the ingredients in most lip balms. While formulating this lip balm for my son and I, it took me back to when I was little and like all little girls loved lip balm but I found that I got bored with the plain old cherry lip balm quickly. I wanted my lip balm to look like my life savers when I held them next to each other. So, I decide to take that dream and not only create a lip balm that my son and I could use, but a lip balm that was fun and unique. Gettin Lippy lip balms have 3 layers of flavor in each moisturizing and fun filled tube. Our lip balms offer all of the important needs in a lip balm: moisturizing, long lasting, flavored and theyre so fun! What started out as a good clean lip balm for my son and I, turned in to a fun business for my family and I. Gettin Lippy has become a huge success and I would love to share my crazy fun filled tubes of lip balm with the rest of the world. Please let us know if you have any questions or anything, we can assist you with! 

Gettin Lippy is the first ever multi flavored layered lip balm! We offer 3 layers of flavor in our moisturizing lip balms. Each layer of flavor is colored differently, but our lip balm applies clear to the lips. The coloring in the lip balm is only for the consumer to be able to distinguish which layer of flavor they are on, or going to next! 

We offer a collegiate line, one of our collegiate teams is the Iowa Hawkeye's! We have the Iowa Hawkeye's logo on the tube, and flavored layers of black, gold, and white to match the school colors! This opens the door for any school, team, business or anyone interested in one of a kind custom lip balm to work with us! 

Currently we offer our regular line which includes 12 combinations as well as these Holidays lines: Valentine’s Day 3 lip balm combination's, St Patrick’s Day 3 lip balm combinations, Easter 3 lip balm combinations, 4th of July 2 combinations, Halloween 4 combinations, and Christmas 4 combinations. 

Gettin Lippy also offers a variety of lip balm holders and new to our line up are our safety wristlets! Our lip balm holders can clip onto your purse, lanyard, keys, backpack or anywhere the clip can attach to! Our safety wristlets have one of our lip balm holders included! We offer a large variety or colors, deigns and patterns to choose from, so if you do not see what you are looking for please email and we will see if we can find it for you! 

Gettin Lippy offers custom lip balms, email for details and how to get started! 

Gettin Lippy also offers wholesale pricing, we would love to have our lip balms and holders in your shop! Email for details and so we can get you set up! 


Thank you for GETTIN LIPPY with US! 


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