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    Gettin Lippy lip balm cure chapped cracked lips

    Lip Balm

    Love your product!

    Just wanted to give you some feedback. I bought your product at a craft fair at Mid America Center. Not often do I like a product enough to reorder or take the time to write a review. I'm so glad your website was on your product! I love them!!!

    Kim Omaha Nebraska

    Returning Gettin Lippy customer

    I just opened my package and put the lip balm on I must say I love it. The coconut smells so good I can't wait to try the pink raspberry and yellow pina colada. I will be a returning customer for sure. :)

    Vondeana Brooklyn, NY

    Who knew a lip balm could be so much fun....

    "Gettin' Lippy is by far the best lip balm I have ever used! I have always hated the store-bought lip balm that tastes like wax and doesn't even do the job. Gettin Lippy leaves my lips always feeling soft and silky, while staying on my lips for a long time. It goes on so thick and smooth, and best yet, it tastes amazing. I love all of the different colors and flavors! Who knew lip balm could be so fun, while keeping my lips so healthy!"

    Kim Luzerne, Iowa

    Chapped cracked lips no more!

    This is really great stuff! The flavor isn't super strong but if you want kids' stuff, buy something else. This stuff actually works! I put it on and it is so smooth and it LASTS! The flavors are great and they are more adult than some out there. Even the strawberry tastes more grown-up. Not just sugary sweet. And I have always had this dry patch on my lower lip that I can't stop nibbling at and in the winter it gets really bad but I started using this stuff and it went away! I love it! Get some! Get Lippy!

    Katie Argyle, Iowa

    Cured Cracked Lips

    I love Gettin Lippy lip balm this lip balm is SO smooth and makes my lips feel great. I normally get Chapped Cracked lips and this lip balm has made my lips so wonderful it did cure my cracked lips. This lip balm is just the right combination it has wonderful staying power so it lasts on your lips, it is so smooth it makes your lips feel like silk, the flavors are wonderful they smell like the real thing not card board! Last but not least like I said before it did cure my cracked lips no more chapped cracked lips I am Gettin Lippy all the way THANK YOU GETTIN LIPPY!

    Sarah Des Moines Iowa

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