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    School fundraiser lip balms by Gettin Lippy with multiple options to customize, promotional lip balms, custom lip balms, fundraisers. Gettin Lippy promotional and custom lip balms will show case your business and be a lip balm your customers will hold to and use till its gone and when they show their friends that offers great exposure for your business!

    When your company or organization needs promotional or custom products you want to get a product that customers will show to their family, friends, co-workers etc... that is the reason to use Gettin Lippy lip balms as your promotional products or custom products to promote your business. Gettin Lippy lip balms are the first to offer multiple options to customize one tube and are a product your customers will be showing everyone!

    With Gettin Lippy custom lip balms you get:

    Custom label set up

    Custom label using a logo, business, school or organizations name, a saying example I love hockey, a date or any other information need to help promote your organization or special information.

    Custom colors you will be able to match colors to the logo you have on the label or to match your organization’s needs.

    Iowa Hawkeye lip balms each tube offers 3 sections of flavor no matter what color the lip balm is in the tube it applies clear Iowa Hawkeyes, Iowa Hawk eyes, Iowa college, promo good, top lip balm.  Custom flavors to go with each color you choose. For instance we offer an Iowa Hawkeye lip balm for the custom part of the label it says Hawkeyes in white black and yellow.

    The lip balm is colored to match their school colors (remember no matter what color the lip balm is in the tube it goes on your lips clear) of white, black and yellow. The White section of the lip balm is Coconut flavored, Black section is Raspberry flavored and the Yellow section is Lemon flavored!

    A top lip balm that is so smooth and feels wonderful on the lips and your customers will love it. Offering the top lip balm insures the customer will hold on to the lip balm and use it till it is gone which means they will use it and potential customers or fans will see your information you are promoting.

    Custom lip balms packed in display boxes for retail sale or display on a counter top.

    We also offer custom orders that work great for fundraisers, weddings, businesses for promotional or customer appreciation gifts, school groups trying to raise money for the organization, or any organization trying to raise money or get their company name out from promo goods.

    If you would like more information on custom orders or anything else we can help you with please e-mail bri@gettinlippy.com

    Gettin Lippy promo good picture of custom lip balms custom label, colors and flavors each lip balm offers multiple flavor sections. Gettin Lippy Promotion lip balms to help raise money for ALS

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